Sushi Nakazawa; 16.5

What You Should Know:

Chef Nakazawa strays just a bit from his Japanese roots, where he was mentored by Chef Jiro Ono, though he balances contemporary influences with traditional techniques flawlessly in his omakase. Each piece of nigiri offers its own distinct flavor that never allow any of the 20+ pieces to get old.

What I Liked:

A live scallop twitches and glistens, and has a taste that is soft and crisp.

Fatty tuna is marbled like Kobe steak and stands out from ordinary tunas.

Egg custard serves as a perfect end as its creaminess glorifies the grains of rice.

IMG_0321 2

Is It Worth It:

For $150 at the sushi bar and $120 in the dining room, the nigiri doesn’t come cheap. But, then again, neither does perfection.

Food Rating:


Value Rating:


Return Rating:




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