Los Angeles Special – The Bazaar

What You Should Know:

José Andrés unleashes his experimental, comfort cuisine at the Beverly Hills location of his famed restaurant empire. Across the menu, dishes are prepared in an avant-garde style, yet hold onto the deliciousness aspect that places of this nature seem to forget.

What I Liked:

BBQ eel is paired with shiso and wasabi in a “Japanese taco.”

Thin, Wagyu beef covers an unbelievably airy, cheddar filled baguette in a dish that surpasses any cheesesteak in Philly.

A pear sorbet adds a refreshing feel to a thick and silky chocolate mousse.


Is It Worth It:

The prices sound cheap, although you might have to stock up on the small portioned plates for a complete meal.

Food Rating:


Value Rating:


Return Rating:




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