Blue Hill at Stone Barns; 20.0

What You Should Know:

The elegant dining room set on a farm can feel quite magical based on the setting alone. Likewise, Dan Barber’s food fails to miss a mark as every single bite that you will experience during the 30+ course tasting is both delicious, beyond creative and equally thought provoking.

What I Liked:

An assortment of recently picked vegetables are stuck to wood.

A pig’s head is salt crusted, then dissected and served with various condiments related to what pigs eat on the farm.

A beet is cooked like a steak and finished with a sauce made from beef tallow.


Is It Worth It:

The price of the menu increased from $238 to $258 before tax or gratuity during the middle of last year, however, the experience is so wildly fulfilling that it will be hard to miss or even remember that money after the meal.

Food Rating:


Value Rating:


Return Rating:





Image by Jen Munkvold from

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