How the Ratings Work

Restaurant ratings are divided into three categories – Food, Value and Return

Food Ratings are a combination of the taste, plating, and originality of the dishes, expressed on a scale out of 10.

Value Ratings are determined as the typical price per person relative to the overall experience at the restaurant, expressed on a scale out of 5.

Return Ratings are a measure of how likely I would be to come back to the restaurant, and is calculated using the warmth of the service and the overall feel of the meal, expressed on a scale out of 5.

The Final Rating is the cumulative total of the Food, Value and Return Ratings, expressed out of 20.

Rankings for restaurants are divided into two categories – Places to Splurge and Weeknight Worthy

Restaurants included under Places to Splurge are often more expensive, sometimes tasting menus, and set aside for special occasions.

Restaurants that are Weeknight Worthy are more accessible on the average night out as most of the bills tend to stay under $30 per person, before tax and tip.

Rankings under each of these categories are sorted by the Final Rating of each restaurant and are updated continuously as new restaurants are reviewed.

Ratings between the two categories should not be compared accurately as many different factors go into the evaluation of the two different types of restaurants.