Estela; 19.5

This restaurant from Chef Ignacio Mattos balances laid back and lively vibes with a restaurant that makes every meal feel like a special occasion. The a la carte menu is beautifully compact, allowing each table to order most of the few dishes that are on the menu. The plates, which are best shared, arrive one by one, and are all simple, yet seriously thoughtful.

The Spotted Pig; 15.0

It’s not uncommon to find a multi-hour wait any night of the week at April Bloomfield’s flagship restaurant in the West Village. The pub style dining room is decorated with pigs and possesses an aged feel.

Prune; 17.5

Gabrielle Hamilton cooks a concise, constantly changing menu that includes familiar ingredients prepared in intriguing ways. The small and tightly crowded dining room might seem like a burden, but in the end, it somehow adds to the homely feel of the food.

Atla; 16.5

Chefs Enrique Olvera and Daniela Soto-Innes’ vision for an all-day, any-day restaurant comes in the form of Atla. There’s a focus on casual, café like fare that still feels exciting and inventive.

The Aviary; 14.5

Grant Achatz’ first venture in New York City comes with this beverage focused bar. There is an equally strong food component to the restaurant with innovative small plates that include bright and unusual flavors and textures.

Roberta’s; 18.0

Arriving at the stark and isolated restaurant front might produce misgivings; as will the absurd wait times no matter the day or time. However, despite all of this, any misgivings will be immediately silenced at first bite of the pizzas, which singularly justify waiting hours for dinner.

Blue Hill at Stone Barns; 20.0

The elegant dining room set on a farm can feel quite magical based on the setting alone. Likewise, Dan Barber’s food fails to miss a mark as every single bite that you will experience during the 30+ course tasting is both delicious, beyond creative and equally thought provoking.

RedFarm; 19.0

The modern takes on classics are executed to perfection in the playful, red and white decorated space. Authentic Chinese dishes will surely not be missed as Joe Ng’s versions prove to be even better than the originals.

Los Angeles Special – The Bazaar

José Andrés unleashes his experimental, comfort cuisine at the Beverly Hills location of his famed restaurant empire. Across the menu, dishes are prepared in an avant-garde style, yet hold onto the deliciousness aspect that places of this nature seem to forget.

Café China; 13.5

Authentic Chinese food is what you will expect at this restaurant where the dining room can appear slightly disregarded and the service does little to help the experience.

Sushi Nakazawa; 16.5

Chef Nakazawa strays just a bit from his Japanese roots, where he was mentored by Chef Jiro Ono, though he balances contemporary influences with traditional techniques flawlessly in his omakase. Each piece of nigiri offers its own distinct flavor that never allow any of the 20+ pieces to get old.

Chicago Special – Alinea, Giant

Whether you think a meal at Grant Achatz’ Alinea is closer to a dinner or a show, the experience will surely be mind blowing. His thought process is wildly incomparable to other chefs, which is an aspect of his cuisine that strongly reflects into his food.